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Vincent van Gogh was born near the town of Brabant. His father was a minister. In 1869, he became an art dealer in The Hague, and he worked there until he was dismissed from the art dealership's London office in 1873. He then became aa schoolmaster in England (1876), before taking theology to become a ministry at Amsterdam University (1877). He failed his entry into the Church, and became an independent missionary among the Borinage miners.

"He was largely self-taught as an artist, although he received help from his cousin, Mauve. His first works were heavily painted, mud-colored and clumsy attempts to represent the life of the poor (e.g. Potato-Eaters, 1885, Amsterdam), influenced by one of his artistic heroes, Millet. He moved to Paris in 1886, living with his devoted brother, Theo, who as a dealer introduced him to artists like Gauguin, Pissarro, Seurat and Toulouse-Lautrec. In Paris, he discovered color as well as the divisionist ideas which helped to create the distinctive dashed brushstrokes of his later work (e.g. Pere Tanguy, 1887, Paris).

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