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Early recognition of Dali's talent came with his first one-man show, held in Barcelona in 1925. Dali described his paintings as `hand-painted dream photographs' and had certain favorite and recurring images. In 1937, Dali visited Italy and adopted a more traditional style. This together with his political views (he was a supporter of General Franco) has led him into a clash with the Surrealists and he expelled from the Surrealist movement.

In 1940, Dali moved to the USA, and since that time he devoted himself largely to self-publicity. The museum of Modern Art in New York gave Dali his first major retrospective exhibit in 1941. This was followed in 1942 by the publication of Dali's autobiography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali. In 1974 Dali opened the Teatro Museo Dali in Figueres, Spain. This was followed by retrospectives in Paris and London at the end of the decade. After the death of his wife, Gala, in 1982, Dali's health began to fail, and he spent the rest his life in seclusion until he died on January 23, 1989 in Figueres.

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