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The Cubism movement begain in 1907 with the completion of Picasso's "Les Demoisellles d'Avignon." In this painting, Picasso depicts a group of prostitutes where the figures and their setting are broken up into angular shapes. The painting is characterized by sharp edges and angles approaching prisms with restrained colors. Some of the ladies in this painting are wearing masks which were influenced by the African sculptures Picasso became interested in.

As the Cubism movement progressed, Picasso began to experiment with "Analytical" cubism where the object was "taken apart" and reshaped with the use of flat intersecting planes. Picasso was always seeking new and original ways to express himself through art and when he tired of "Analytical" cubism he began experimenting with what became known as "Synthetic" cubism, that incorporated Items like newspaper clippings, rope and other objects that were worked into a picture. This was the invention of the "collage."

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