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Jean-Francois Millet was born on October 4, 1814, in Gruchy, a tiny hamlet linked to Greville-Hague, the next village 9 kilometers west from Cherbourg. He was the second child of a line of eight. Trained with an academic painter in Paris, Millet devoted his early work to portraits and erotic nudes. He was sensitive to the changes brought about by the increasing urbanisation and industrialisation of France, and he was particularly inspired by the social issues raised by the Revolution of 1848.

Thereafter he turned to scenes of peasants labouring, endowing them with heroic form adapted from the art of the past. Millet was not one of those who could live a quiet and monotonous single life on their own. When Millet died in 1875, he was buried at Barbizon, next to Théodore Rousseau.

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Jean-Francois Millet

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