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Decree nisi was granted on the 20th December the same year. Kathleen had returned to England by then and on the same day gave birth to her daughter by Captain Palliser. We do not know exactly when or where Tissot met and fell in love with her, but we do know that in March 1871 she gave birth to another child, believed to be Tissot's son. This of course was regarded as scandalous behaviour in those days and was kept secret by Kathleen's family until quite recently.

In 1876 Kathleen Newton and her two children moved into Tissot's house and remained there until her death from consumption in 1882. For Tissot, the time spent with Kathleen was the happiest period in his life, and one which he was to look back on longingly for the rest of his days. Finding the thought of life in London intolerable without her, he decided to leave at once. From 1885 until his death in 1902 he became very religious and spent the last 17 years of his life living as a recluse painting religious pictures.

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