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Howard Hodgkin was born August 6, 1932, in London. He is a British painter, printmaker, and art collector. His parents paid for him to go to Camberwell Art School (1949-1950), and then to Bath Academy of Art Corsham (1950-1954), where he later taught. In 1955 he married Julia Lane and they had two sons. One became a television director. In 1962 Howard Hodgkin had his first one-man show in London. Howard Hodgkin strives to depict 'emotional situations,' to pin down 'the evasiveness of reality,' as he explains.

Sometimes obscure yet nearly always engaging, his lush, radiant, daring semiabstract paintings evoke the haphazardness of experience, the way each of us subjectively constructs reality. Hodgkin is often classified as an intimist with Matisse and Bonnard. Using juxtapositions of patterns and symbols, of realism and nonrealism, he speaks of loneliness, fear, beauty, death, absence and joy in a self-sufficient pictorial language. His paintings are like rare, enigmatic gifts whose meanings sensuously unfold.

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