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Francisco Goya is widely known as"the Father of Modern Art.," He began his painting career just after the late Baroque period. Much of his artwork would become extremely influential on 19th century artists. Two trends dominated the art of his contradictory; they actually were not. Together they represented the reaction against previous conceptions of art and the desire for a new form of expression. In order to understand the scope of Goya's art, and to appreciate the principles which governed his development and tremendous versatility, it is essential to realise that his work extended over a period of more than 60 years, for he continued to draw and paint until his 82nd year.

He was born in Zaragoza, Spain but later immigrated to France. He found under the artist José Luzán, from whom he learned to draw and as was customary, copied prints of several masters. His strength lies in that he knew the rules of artistic expression before he broke them for a new style.

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