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Diego Marķa de la Rivera y Barrientos and his twin brother Carlos were born on December 13, 1886 in Leon, Guanajuato. Carlos died in 1888, which left Diego as an only child. Since he was very young (he begins to draw at the age of three), he loved to paint, so much that his father covered a room of their house in Guanajuato with paper so that the child could paint all over the walls. Diego says that it was in that room where he created his first murals.

Diego Rivera is thought of as the creator of the Mexican identity. Diego Rivera's murals have created a visual memory of Mexico's historic past and have helped understand and respect Mexican nationality. The history of Mexico is full of living images, with the bright colors of Diego Rivera. Memories are accompanied with feelings of pain, pride and magic that come directly from the emotions represented in the Diego's work. Thanks to Diego Rivera's murals people can naturally recall the history of Mexico.

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