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Brassaļ was born on September 9, 1889 in Brasso, Transylvania, present day Hungary. His name at birth was Gyula Halasz. He later changed his name to Brassaļ. He adopted this name from the place of his birth, Brasso. Originally, he did not like photography when he began his artistic endeavors.

He studied painting and sculpture in Germany and he also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary. When he was a young boy, he accompanied his father to Paris and he stayed there for one year. Brassaļ is known for his beautiful pictures of Paris during the evening and night hours. He started out as a poor immigrant artist in Paris. He began as an author for a small newspaper, and he illustrated his articles with his own photographs. The entrepreneurial
drive was very strong with him, unlike most other artists.

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