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Arthur Hughes was born in London on 27 January in 1832. He entered the School of Design, Somerset House, in 1846 and studied there under Alfred Stevens. In 1847 he enrolled in the Antique Schools at the Royal Academy. He was most strongly influenced by the work of John Everett Millais, and yet he didn't meet Millais until 1952, when they were both displaying paintings titled "Ophelia" in the Academy exhibition.

Millais' influence is especially seen in the brilliant colouring and careful attention to detail. Hughes used several young women as models, but his favourite was Tryphena Ford. He met her in 1850, but had to wait five years before marrying her. His paintings reflecting love as wistful, tender and even sad may spring from that long wait. They had a happy and quite fruitful marriage, producing 6 children (two are shown in Home from the Sea).

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