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Andy Warhol was born in 1930 in the coal-mining town of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA. His parents were Czech immigrants. When his father, a miner, died in a mining accident Andy was forced to support his family through odd jobs. He worked his way through Carnegie Tech., Pittsburgh where he studied commercial art. While in Pittsburgh, Warhol got to know the painter Philip Pearlstein, who was studying under Lepper at the time. In 1952 when Warhol graduated he moved to New York where he launched a successful career as an illustrator.

Warhol began producing Pop pictures in 1960 with works based on Popeye, Nancy and Dick Tracy comics. These early works were first shown as backdrops for department store windows and were painted in a loosely brushed style based on Abstract Expressionism. Warhol's first works using comic material tended to soften hard professional gestures and aggressive vocabulary of the texts and images. By contrast, Lichtenstein's work (neither of the artists had heard of the other at this stage) strained the harsh language of the comic strip to its utmost limits of perfection and artificiality. Warhol countered the scrupulous accuracy of the original genre with imprecision and deliberate error. In doing so, he soiled the comic strips narrow-minded ideological and decorative purity.